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The dough broke up when Amedeo tried to stretch it.

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I am your friend, right?

We saw them do it.

Does that sound familiar?

Dylan and Vincent followed John.

Anne ignored Bertrand's email messages.


I'm going to go home right now.

In January of that year, we saw snow for four days, from the fourteenth to the seventeenth.

Don't play dumb. You know very well what we're talking about.

A man overtook her.

This work does not meet our requirements.


Gerard has a lot of faith in you.

He was a real drunkard.

The place is not accessible by land.


He approached me after the lesson.

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She was unamused by the joke.

I could make you happy.

Do you know Dimetry by sight?


I hit him on the chin.

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I have no idea where Oliver is.


That would be great!

I wasn't aware of that at the time.

Internationally, almost 900 million people don't have enough to eat.

Have you heard that a psychic dwarf just escaped from prison? There's a small medium at large!

Earle laughed about it.

Actually, the present method has plenty of room for improvement.

Men are crazy about her.

Politics is motivated by interests.

This road is very long.

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Every second, the Sun converts 4 million tons of its material into heat and light through the process of nuclear fusion.

Sally suggested that I should clean my office.

I must leave here.

I didn't mean to bother you.

I'm a sucker for happy endings.

We have an extraordinary design team.

I spoke to Duane last night.

We arrived a little late.

He didn't talk to me at the party.

Here, let me help you.

They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; One nation shall not raise the sword against another, nor shall they train for war again.

Loose jackets are the latest fad.

Come on, what's his name?

He carried the chairs out of the room.

I worked hard all day, so I was very tired.

Do you have anything to add?

We'll have so much fun.


I found the earring that you lost.

Get away from my son.

The Cabinet sent round an official notice.


How do you fix this?

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The story ended suddenly.

We will all die, sooner or later.

I feel like I could cry.

I couldn't stand to see you leave.

Can you be more explicit?


Although you rushed, you're not ready.

Kylo needs the table setting.

You can't feel at ease with a headache.

You're afraid of Syd, aren't you?

Sharpen your pencil.

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Why would you want to do that?

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He chose to take the stairs rather than the elevator.

We can't kill them.

I hear your steps and I know you are returning home.


Courtney decided that he shouldn't stay any longer.

Weevils eat the leaves of the fuchsia.

The pension is not sufficient for living expenses.

I'm glad Randal made it home in one piece.

Winnie took another swig of wine.

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How did Caroline get to be so rich?

I'm not an artist.

We have extracurricular activities after school.

Police are warning people not to leave pets and children in cars in today's excessive heat.

When I was a child, I played catch with my father.

Who'll attend?

I'm bringing Glen along with me.


I'm calling to complain about something.

How could you resist Roberto?

The boy had a mischievous smirk on his face.

Perry doesn't think Russ will do the job well.

Jean-Pierre is one of my heroes.

His writing is very subjective.

What with my business and private affairs, I am so busy.

Do you want to see Tareq again?

The castle is associated with things like ghosts and ruins.

John rents the house and I sublet a room from him.

It is sometimes an appropriate response to reality to go insane.

He also was very serious.

We got a little bit of rain overnight.


The animals were busy collecting nuts.

I thought I saw a resemblance.

She showed her regret over the serious mistake.


My house isn't so far from here.

I'll be outside.

You ought to be ashamed.

Let me show you the way out.

Man always thinks about the past before he dies, as if he were frantically searching for proof that he truly lived.

Our life is like a notebook of which pages are covered with all the moments, both the goods and bads, the ups and downs.

Please think it over and let me know your decision.

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The ambulance broke down in the middle of the avenue.


They're trying to help.


Hold the ladder tight.

I want to know a lot of things.

The experiment resulted in a miserable failure.

Pratap needs to change his eating habits.

When did the meeting start?

Everyone is staring at Mike.

I finally beat Galen.


Can you get help for him?

The Great Barrier Reef, located off the northeast tip of Australia, is one of the natural wonders of the world.

Do you still have my number?

How cold is it going to get?

It was incredibly dangerous.

No other language is as beautiful as Japanese.

Bryan is annoying, isn't he?


It was too much for her.


I drank too much coffee today.

Believe it or not, this woman has three kids.

I ate a hamburger and ordered another.


I'm not complaining and so far no one else has complained, although working conditions are truly terrible.

Kathryn doesn't frighten me.

He has collected no fewer than five hundred stamps.

Xueyou is holding a map of China.

Can you give us your point of view?


Ross won't listen to you.

The police suspected the truck's cargo.

It looks a lot worse than it really is.

Why were you holding his hand?

They were delayed due to heavy snowfall.


I wish that I had known.


My mother is cooking for me.

My new car enables me to go anywhere, anytime.

The timing is perfect.

I don't like him anymore.

He changed his mind.


Wayne isn't yet able to write his own name.

We're not doing anything tonight.

Read first the best books. The important thing for you is not how much you know, but the quality of what you know.

What's it about?

Stagger really likes talking.

The liquor gave off a sickly odor.

He exchanged seats with the next person.

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I thought that would be a great idea.

Would you like a glass of wine?

He will learn these things not so much from what the other man says as from how he says it.

Marcos doesn't seem very interested.

She takes a walk with her dog every day.

Mrs Thomas taught us history.

Can't you understand French?

Have your paper on my desk by Monday.

Carisa has plenty of time.

This is completely my fault.

About two miles farther on, the road bent to the right.


She finished her homework in an hour.

I think Indra should be fired.

Don't use up all the hot water.

I must remind Suwandi to pay his rent.

The police were able to verify Triantaphyllos's alibi.

I had the same thing happen to me last month.

We can't do this here.

There's an easier way to do this.

All that is needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

We saw them on TV.

Mikael is a very poor driver.

The wedding photos are very clear.

We roped in some major partners.